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Enabling more sustainable investment – Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives

Independent Online 19 Jun 2021
... environment, society and governance within their operations ... We are being proactive by encouraging a shift in mindset in which businesses consider not only profit, but also the impact of their operations on the environment and social aspects in general,” said Minister Dalli.

Refill shops, a bill per clothes wash: What will a circular economy mean for you?

The Irish Times 19 Jun 2021
The language used in the announcement from the Department of the Environment on Tuesday evening was not of the type that grabs headlines, with talk of a general scheme, a circular economy and a “whole-of-Government” approach.

Erick E. Titrud, Esq.

Times Argus 19 Jun 2021
... his dedication to the improvement of others’ circumstances and to the betterment of our environment, during his years of public environmental law at the Office of the Vermont Attorney General, where he played a major role in Vermont’s battle against acid rain in the early-'90s.

The weekend read: Greek solar investment soars

PV Magazine 19 Jun 2021
Alexandra Sdoukou, secretary general for energy and mineral resources at Greece’s ministry of the environment and energy (Ypen), told pv magazine that its task is to make the best policies and set up the fittest regulatory frameworks to provide investors with confidence to invest their capital in Greece.

O’Donnell’s journey around the world took her back home to Cheshire field hockey

Republican American 19 Jun 2021
It was an eye-opening moment for Kya O’Donnell as she glanced around the room at Cheshire High during a coaches meeting Thursday night ... It was insane ... That was indicated by her nine-month tenure in the Philippines working in the Peace Corps and viewing environment, life in general and the world from a broader scale ... Mary Daugherty Abrams ... .

A cleaner and less cluttered life

The News International 18 Jun 2021
Generally speaking, our external environment can have a strong influence over how we feel internally and how we behave. Our environment can ...

Institution welcomes Green Ghana initiative

Graphic 18 Jun 2021
‘’We of the UESD want to collaborate with all stakeholders, including the assembly and the general public, to ensure that we protect the environment by planting more trees not only on the campus here but the entire Yilo Krobo traditional area.

Stop-motion photons: Localized light particles on the road

Phys Dot Org 18 Jun 2021
Today we know that this effect, for which Phil Anderson won a share of the Nobel Prize in Physics 1977, applies in general ... Every realistic physical system inevitably exchanges energy with its environment, and, as soon this energy exchange becomes disordered, (light) waves can also become localized.

Firefighter alleges he was subjected to racial slurs

San Francisco Chronicle 18 Jun 2021
Newton firefighter Lee Gilliam, who is Black, alleges in the suit filed this week in Middlesex Superior Court that a “racial imbalance” in the department has fostered an environment in which white “firefighters generally feel free to make insensitive and ...

There's a good reason online retailers are investing in physical stores

Phys Dot Org 18 Jun 2021
This conflicting trend raises the question, what is the physical store's role in today's multichannel environment? ... 1) buy deep products in the future online, indicating that they generalize trust across channels; and 2) buy adjacent categories online, indicating that they generalize trust across categories.

Cal/OSHA says vaccinated workers can ditch masks

Santa Barbara News-Press 18 Jun 2021
Kristen Miller, the president and CEO of the South Coast Chamber of Commerce, said she is hopeful employers will embrace the ability to work in a more normal environment ... “Cal/OSHA guidance now aligns with general California guidelines, allowing for less confusion and more effectiveness around any mask mandates that remain in place,” Ms.

What is a Bear Market and How Can You Survive (and Thrive) in It?

Binance Blog 18 Jun 2021
Bitcoin’s fall from $64,800 in mid-April 2021 to $31,100 in early June may signal a bear market, which means bad news to the general industry but also some opportunities for traders who know what to do in such an environment.  ... know what to do in such an environment. .

Freeze promotions until military commanders screened for misconduct, says parliamentary committee

Castanet 18 Jun 2021
“The committee was informed by expert witnesses, including by survivors, that the working environment in the CAF is hierarchical, male-dominated, based on patriarchal gender norms and highly sexualized,” the report reads. “These factors create a toxic work environment where incidents of sexual misconduct can occur and go unchecked.

Invitation Homes CEO: Leasing market has been healthy

CNBC 18 Jun 2021
... rises and the housing environment in general.